2076 Happy Dashain Wishes 2019 Dashain Greetings Card Dashain SMS

Nepali Dashain, Nepali Dashain wishes, Nepali Dashain greetings, happy Dashain wishes in English

Festival is a special time for celebration with often one of religious significance. Every person observes the festival at a different time of the year according to their culture and religion. As every year, I enjoyed the Dashain Festival this year with great rejoice with my family.

2076 Happy Dashain Wishes 2019 Dashain Greetings Card Dashain SMS

October the month of the biggest of Nepal's national Festivals: Dashain. Starting at the new moon and lasting for 10 days, this is a time for family and Home, a time for gifts and feasts. The "nine nights" –Navaratri- of Dashain are marked by masked dances, and on the eight-night, the "black night", sacrifices are performed by all who can afford one – preferably on a black goat. Another Dashain activity is the erection of swings and primitive ferries wheels at entrances to villages around the country.

2076 Happy Dashain Wishes

Dashain is considered the greatest festival in Nepal. It is the celebration of conquest (win) of truth over evil power. Dashain festival is observed in the month of September and October starting from the bright lunar fortnight and ending on the full moon day. On the occasion of this festival, the government provides 15-day long national holiday. It is referred to as Bada Dashain, Dashera, Vijaya Dashami, Etc.

Dashain commemorates the victories of the god and goddess over the demons. One reason it is observed is that Lord Ram Killed Ravan, the king of demons during this time in the past. the other reason is Goddess Durga killed Mahashasura, a powerful demon who had created terror in the world of gods.

On the first day of Dashain, my grandfather sowed some seeds of maize in a sacred place. from the next day at my home and in the temple near my house different manifestations of Goddess Durga was worshipped. My father bought new clothes and shoes for me and my sister. The seventh day, on 'Phoolpati' one of the manifestations of Durga was worshipped and a goat sacrificed to the Goddess. On the day we invited some guests to our home and had a special feast. Mutton and beaten rice was the special dish on the day. On the tenth day, we put "Tika" on our forehead and took blessings from our elders. I got some money from them as well. Some of my relatives from other district and the foreign country also came to see our grandparents on the day. Really this festival can be called the reunion-day as well.


2076 Happy Dashain Wishes 2019

During the days of this festival, I had a lot of free time. I had no more worry about my study. Some of my friends involved in gambling activities which actually I didn't like at all. I didn't like the way to worship the god and goddesses.

Nepali Dashain, Happy Dashain Wishes 2076, Dashain Greetings Cards, Happy Dussehra wishes in English

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(......) सालको पावन-अवसरमा सुख-संवृद्धि तथा दिर्घायुको कामना गर्दै बिजया-दशमीकाे हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना ब्यक्त गर्दछु !!! दुर्गा भवानीले हामी सबैको कल्याण गरुन !!!

Sampurna mera Nepali / Bidesi friends lagaayet sabai facebook sathi haruma hindu tatha nepali ko mahaan chhad''''VIJAYA DASHAMI'''' ma Mata Durga vawani le Aate ka ra maan le socheka sampurna koora haru pugeyos vanne hardik HRDIK MANGALMAI SUVAKAMANA bekta garda xu......

Aaja ko din Nepali Daju, Bhai / Didi ,bahini tatha Sampurna pariwar harule dashai ko tika jamara lagai khusi saat khusiyali manai raheko dekhera malai sarai khusi lagyo. Tapai haru ko Dashain subha khusi khusi bitos. yaha haru ko sampurna pariwar haru lai vijaya dashami ko subhakamana.

2076 Happy Dashain Wishes / Dashain SMS

Happy Dashain Wishes in Inglish and Nepal

!!!Happy Bijaya Dasami !!!

Vagya Chamkiwos Sabaiko, Sabaiko hos Sukha Samridhi,
Sukha Shanti Hos Subai Tira,
Mata Durga ko Bas hos charai tira...
Yehi nai cha mero Dashain ko subhakamana !!!
Dashain Wishes in Nepali

चाङ्गा चैट रमाइलाे भेट
खसिकाे रेट मासुकाे प्लेट
जुवाकाे खाल , चिउराकाे थाल
७५ साल दसै बवाल
ह्याप्पि दशैं !!!

Changa chait ramailo bhet Khasiko rate masuko plate
Juwako khal chiurako thal
71 saal Dashain babbal
Happy Dashain !!!

Happy Dashain Wishes in Nepali

पानि खाेज्दा बियर भेटियाेस्
धारा खाेल्दा दारू बगाेस्
चिकन खादा, साप्राे पराेस
मटन खादा, ह्याकुला पराेेस्
यहिनै छ मेराे विजया दशमिकाे शुभकामना !!!

Pani khojda beer bhetiyos,
Dhara kholda wine bagos,
Chicken khanda, sanpro paros,
Mutton khanda, hyakula bhetos,
Yehi nai “Dashain” ko Shuvakamana !!!

Look Outside…
It’s so pleasant!
Sun Smiling For you…
Trees Dancing for you…
Birds singing for you…
Because I requested them All to wish You.

Happy Dashain Wishes in Nepali

पुरा हाेस् तपाइकाे मनाेकामना
यहि छ विजया दशमिकाे
हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना !!!

Pura Hos Tapai Ko Manokamana
Yehi Cha Vijaya Dashami Ko
Hardik Mangalmaya Subhakamana !!!

Happy Dashain Wishes in Nepali

अायाे दशै ढाेल बजाइ
गयाे दशै रिण बाेकाइ
ह्याप्पि नेपालि दशै !!!

“Aayo Dashain Dhol Bajai...
Gayo Dashai Rin Bokai”...
Happy Nepali Dashain 2019!!!
Dashain Wishes in Nepali

झाडा पखाला पिडितकाे पेटमा अन्न पराेस्
दुखि हरूकाे अनुहार मा खुशी छाअाेस्
दुर्गा माताकाे अाशिर्वादले सबै
सामु खुशिकाे रमझम छाअाेस
ह्याप्पि दशै २०७६!!!

Jhada Pakhala Pidit Ko Pet Ma Aana Paros,
Dukhi Haru Ko Anuhar Ma Khusi Chhaos
Maa Durga Ko Aasirbad Le Sabai
Samu Khusi Ko Ramjham Chaos
Happy Nepali Dashain 2019. !!!

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